Employers Who Are Doing The Right Thing Amidst COVID

Only seems appropriate to share this story at a time like this.  We see companies stepping up to help their own employees/the rest of society where there are needs.  The important thing to remember is there are actual people, with hearts, behind those decisions.

At a time when many companies are making cuts, I’m proud to be able to share this and say I worked for this man, and many of my friends and those I hired, are still fortunate to work for him.

Vinnie Viola (along w Douglas Cifu) was the owner of the @flapanthers who hired me, directly after a face-to-face, back in the end of 2014. Took me in their board room at Virtu Financial, gave me 24 hours after our first meeting to deliver them a marketing plan ;), & was down in Sunrise within a week.

Only 6 months in, when shit hit the fan w my mental health, before it was commonplace (mid 2015), Vinnie (and Doug) couldn’t have been more supportive. Vinnie, a @westpoint_usma grad, said: “We never leave a solider out on the battlefield. Take as much time as you need. We like what’s being built here.”

Not surprised to see a classy guy(s) make a classy decision for his/their employees. Happy for my friends there, and at all companies where a person, behind the brand, is able to help individuals on their team, during a difficult time. Go Cats!

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