Emotional Freedom Techniques

We’re coming toward a point w the TSRR practices where we feel like we have a pretty full list of practices from which to choose, where you can put together a comprehensive MH routine.
That said, when I first started to feel better, my psychologist, Donna Stein recommend I start “tapping” on my face & parts of my upper body – 12 spots, for about 5-7 taps each.  Willing to try anything at that point, I came to love the technique.
Now, coming full circle, when I went to that Qigong meditation course in Indonesia a few months ago, I learned abt Chinese medicine, meridian points & the “Qi” in Qigong, or “energy” that flows throughout our bodies. This is the same energy that acupuncturists work on.  Energy flows throughout our bodies – that energy may be unbalanced, it may get trapped, it my stay stagnant. Enter tapping as another means through which we can productively move that energy.
I’m always skeptical of ppl trying to sell me stuff. I’m even more skeptical of ppl in fields related to health, trying to sell me stuff. Therefore, as I looked for a “tapper” (also know by practitioners as “EFT” or Emotional Freedom Techniques), I grew more frustrated w each practitioner I spoke w, telling me that they could – make me rich quick, or put me on the path towards miracles, if I followed their methods & promoted them to others.
Not Brad Yates. I was introduced to him by one of our volunteers, Gina Loretelli who was following Brad’s FREE YouTube videos w her daughters at night, to great success. Gina reached out to Brad, what ensued was a great hour+ convo, & it was clear at that point that Brad (an actor by training), is in this space first & foremost to help ppl. Those are the only types of folks we’ll partner w & promote, & in Brad I feel great abt standing by him, his practices, many of his videos, & his desire to collaborate & want in on the big picture of TSRR.
I’ll attach the link to his profile, w resource links, to our IG profile here, so that you can start tapping yourselves…but keep an open mind. As Brad says, tho there is science to the reduction of cortisol from tapping, even if it’s placebo, if it helps, DO it!

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