The "Does Not Compute" Symptom With Mental Health

About a wk ago, we started a new feature: #SameHere🤙Symptoms.
There were many weird things going thru my head as I battled, I didn’t know if I was alone on. Once I opened up, it became apparent when others shared back, that there are sooo many commonalities in the eff-ed up ways our brains can view the world when going thru MH complications. The analogy shared last wk was related to the ppl movers at airports – how we can feel immobile, as others zoom by in their lives, assisted by these moving platforms.
This next one – I’m gonna call: “Does Not Compute.” We’ve all heard that line as it pertains to a computer – when you put in a software & it’s not recognized by the hardware. Transfer that to real life now.
4 examples given in the pics: kissing someone you love, enjoying a walk w your doggy friend, cheering on ur favorite team, craving ur favorite guilty dessert.
These are things we take for granted, when healthy. These “drives” & interests come to us naturally. We respond to them bc they’re amongst the most enjoyable things in life. However, when our MH has dipped to a certain level, these things we SEE others engaging in & enjoying – not only can we NOT enjoy them ourselves, but they “do not even compute.”
I thought it was me alone when I first went thru my battle. I’d drive to the doc & see others in the streets doing these things – kissing, walking dogs. I’d be at home & turn on a game or watch a show where someone was eating something delicious. Not only did these things not make me crave the same or even act on those cravings – but they actually confused me. I watched as others enjoyed what I had in the past, & my brain couldn’t calculate how others even found them enjoyable.
A numbness was the best way I could describe it. Seeing an ice cream sundae was abt as enticing as staring at a door. If you feel this way abt anything you are “supposed” to enjoy, & you not only don’t feel anything, but you’re confused by why it doesn’t register at all, ure far from alone. I hear this all the time. The best you can do: just let it be. The more you stress the longer it takes to come back!

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