Do Antidepressants Work?

Thanks to Dr. Jennifer Stagg from our #SameHere 🤙 Practitioner Alliance for sharing the below NY Times article on some of the latest research as to whether or not antidepressants work.


I know there are experts out there researching this very topic, daily, without a definitive answer. As someone who tried 50 different combos of drugs, given that there is no clear consensus one way or another, please allow me to offer an opinion from a lived experience, and from hearing numerous accounts from sufferers, daily: Antidepressant drugs can be very helpful when it comes to managing various MH disorders such as bipolar and schizophrenia. In some cases with depression, anxiety, ocd, ptsd, I believe it can dampen/lessen symptoms – when those meds are taken before complications have progressed significantly.


All of that said, these drugs are NOT cures. These drugs do not permanently reverse the effects of stress and trauma on our systems. And, taking a “booster” to these drugs: like Abilify, Rexulti and/or Trintillix when we are told that the initial antidepressant “pooped out” or “isn’t doing enough” does not all of the sudden make the initial drug miraculously work, and heal us. It breaks my heart to see ppl chase the miracle cocktail, bc we are marketed to, that it’s our only option.


Healing our systems from MH complications takes work. It takes releasing and rewiring of the stress and trauma in our bodies. It takes eating and living the right way. It’s why we have shared: “TSRR Practices” (Trauma and Stress, Release and Rewiring). There is a link below so you can learn more, but this isn’t an infomercial asking for credit cards. This is a movement trying to better educate all of those who can use the help, that there are great ways to feel better and actually HEAL if we put in the time to try out what works best for each of us, individually, from a set of proven therapies. There is a lot of misinformation out there. However, we hope to be a trusted source you can come to, to find some much-needed direction as to how to feel your best. We hope it helps and please feel free to ask any questions here or through DM.


TSRR Link 


NY Times Article On Antidepressants

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