Is The Desire To Help Others A Selfish One?

This is a question I’ve been struggling with since I first shared my story back in August of ‘17.  If you have thoughts/opinions, please share them here or via DM.
This question started for me when the DESIRE was to help anyone I could via a written story on the only social platform I had at the time, LinkedIn. The thought was – if I put this out there, even if it’s 5 ppl who benefit from it, it’s “worth it.” But I’d be lying if I said the thought of helping 5 ppl didn’t feel good to me.
It’s extended to calls I try to get back to folks on daily, who read my story & are just looking for help, one-on-one, or direction as they feel as lost as I did for those 2.5 yrs. I know they say character is what you do when no one is watching…& certainly no one is on those calls with me/us to watch, BUT, I still do derive happiness out of helping ppl one at a time. Is that helping being done as much for me as it is for the person still suffering?
Take it to large events like these college tours with hundreds (or more) of students in the audience. I (even @darrenrovell & @lukejamesshaffer) get JOY out of changing a culture in a room & making ppl feel part of a larger group that they BELONG to. I/we enjoy educating & entertaining. Is that ok?
I struggle sometimes bc, tho a deep & complicated question, it still weighs on me: is it only truly unselfish help, when we help others & get literally NOTHING in return?
What’s making me feel “ok” with the feelings of joy I/we get from helping others, is that I have to assume there is some innate drive in humans that allows our rewards centers to literally light up, WHEN we help…that it feeds the long term survival & prosperity of us as humans to do so. We’re wired to tell stories & listen to stories. Maybe we’re wired to WANT to help others, & it’s therefore “ok” if we, ourselves, get something out of it too?  Shoot us a comment or a note if you have an opinion. Would love to hear. Thanks!

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