#SameHere Safe Corporate Office Wellness Programs

Corporate office mental wellness is at the forefront of where we want to be to help make a dent – beyond just schools, colleges & sports teams’ fans, alone.


There are too many people suffering unnecessarily bc they don’t feel SAFE bringing up their compounded stress &/or MH complications in their office, for fear that they may be judged, not qualify for promotions, or worse – get laid off bc of misplaced fear from their employers.


On top of this, general proactive MH in the workplace (practices done at our desks, rooms for meditation & breathing practices, etc., are still not the “norm” even tho leaving at lunch for the gym is considered mainstream).


Monumental Entertainment last week, the NBA League Office earlier this week, & then Smart Design earlier today (though you can’t see the “M” bc of my big head), are three examples of how we are extending the #SameHere🤙 concept to work for corporate office employees. #SameHere Safe enables employees to see that they are FAR from alone when it comes to the “stuff” they are dealing with in the workplace – not just stuff that compiles in the office, but the stuff we carry in from outside the office.


Big thanks to Sarah (the “People Operations Director”) & their office doggie, Zane, who greeted me as I came in, for a fun session this morning – with both NY office employees & employees from the satellite office in London w Smart Design.


One thing that came up in the Q & A today, was surrounding how we get employees to buy into “alternative” treatments/practices/coping mechanisms. This gave us a chance to talk about #TSRR (Trauma & Stress, Release & Rewiring).


There is science to back up all of these practices – & it’s important we talk about that science to give our employees more confidence in the tools we are bringing to them to learn to handle stress & improve their health.


We also talked about “changing it up” & not always doing meditation session, only. What works for/appeals to some, does not to others!

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