Coming Together As One Community

If this scene doesn’t give ya chills, don’t know what will.


By now, most of us know the unfortunate story of Tyler Skaggs, the 27yr old pitcher for the @angels who was found in his hotel room, unresponsive, in early July. Other than revealing “no foul play,” no details related to the cause of death have been released. And who knows why…these things are sensitive for sure…especially w the loss of such a public figure & the sensitivity arnd team & league matters.


All this said, what was beautiful was how on this 1st home game back at the stadium in Anaheim, the team honored Tyler in this way. You didn’t hear anything abt the “why or how.” All you saw were things like you see here:


Every single player on the team wore his #, 45, on their jerseys…even wore his name instead of their own. His mother threw out the first pitch, a perfect strike. And the team went on to have a no-hitter, in his honor.


That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Check out Darren Rovell’s twitter & you’ll see all the ridiculous coincidences related to the stats from that night, that applied to Tyler. There were so many coincidences, it really makes you think – he’s looking down on us.


Overall tho, a beautiful display of community coming together as ONE! Lots of questions unanswered, lots of unknowns…& despite it all, they all rallied together for a single cause.  We need more of THIS in our society – & not just when it’s because of tragedy.

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