Comedians Are "Crazy" Too

We shared the pic of the firefighters making the #SameHere🤙 sign right after the new year, as a representation of how any/all groups are part of this same tribe – the human one where we all face challenges. Comedians are certainly no different. In fact, comedians may come across mental health complications even more frequently than the general population.
Present day comedians like Owen Wilson, Ellen, Jim Carrey, & Sarah Silverman have all been very vocal about their MH battles. We’ve lost comedians like Robin Williams, Ray Combs, & Freddie Prinze to suicide. We’ve also lost greats such as John Belushi & Chris Farley to drug & alcohol addictions, far too young.
You can look at it a number of ways: ppl who have been through a lot of trauma & can creatively turn it into “material” end up as comedians…or on the flip – bc their minds are creative enough to go to those “far out places,” it puts them at further risk of overthinking, obsessing, addiction, etc. Likely, each factor contributes.
That said, with so much focus on sports, Theo Fleury & I are excited to do a #SameHere Sit-Down w a group of comedians from throughout the tri-state area, prior to our One Year Anniversary Event for WAALC, on Monday 1/21.
In addition to the comedians, we’ll have a number of the athlete/celeb alliance members in attendance. Tickets you’ll not be surprised are $55, to represent that MH is a topic for #5in5 of us. We also have a $22 option to sponsor veterans, from a group we have a relationship w here in NY – deserving heroes who can use a night of laughs. $22 to raise awareness that we lose an astonishing 22 vets per day to suicide. If you’d be generous enough to sponsor one/some, we’ll send you pics of the vets enjoying themselves from the event. Thanks all!

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