Chris Kirk’s Amazing Comeback Story

This is what TRUE advocacy from a high-profile figure looks like.

Chris Kirk, a player in his mid-30s on the @pgatour who’s been ranked in his career amongst the top golfers in the world (as high as 16), shared his story about the months he’s taken off this year.


He didn’t share it & then announce a partnership w a meditation app, or a telehealth MH provider. He didn’t announce it on a major network w a sponsor behind it. He just told the world the following – how the life of an athlete isn’t perfect, how everyone faces challenges, how alcohol was his temporary solution – not his main problem:


“I had gone from this perfect scenario that I’d always dreamed of, to now close to 30 weeks a year on the road by myself. I was like – this was not part of the plan. This was not what I ever wanted.”


“Everybody has issues. Everybody has stuff that is bothering them that they need to work on. This just happens to be my thing.”


“Alcohol is not your problem. It is your solution. You just have to find a better solution.”


Depression & anxiety kicked in & Chris openly admits he went to alcohol to suppress the negative feelings. He’s now sober & using better “solutions” & is coming back to the Tour. Can’t wait to root him on!

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