Just Because Someone Carries It Well Doesn’t Mean It’s Not Heavy

We frequently hear the phrase: “Be careful of the ones who look the happiest. They’re often the ones wearing the best masks


We also see images on SM depicting someone smiling wide, accompanied by the phrase: “This is the face of depression.” I don’t deny that there are MANY out there in society who are carrying a lot, & covering it up well, for any # of reasons.


But, a much less talked abt issue – that could be affecting as many if not more than the aforementioned group, is this one: those who have experienced massive amounts of stress & trauma in their lives, but just naturally wear it well, bc they don’t know any better, don’t know what symptoms to look out for, have found their own coping mechanisms that are temporarily working, & don’t even know that there ARE more specific symptoms to look for. I know I fell into this category & looking back I’m upset that I did.


Folks in this category believe they are in the “4in5,” 100% mentally healthy group. They believe they are the folks who are not impacted. Nothing “major” in terms of symptoms has knocked them on their butt yet, they don’t identify w disorder labels, & they think nothing’s “wrong.”


From a physical health standpoint, how many look healthy on the outside – even FEEL healthy, & then suffer a heart attack or stroke? Plaque builds silently in our arteries. Well stress & trauma build silently in our systems. It’s one of the main reasons why we lose so many to suicide where the story goes – “you never would have known.”


I share this as a wake-up call more than anything. We go for “physicals” at our GP’s all the time. What abt checking in on our MH & encouraging others in our lives to do the same?


Hope everyone had a great wknd!

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