Calls To Suicide Hotline Spike With COVID

This right here is what’s scaring the shit out of me.  It’s a microcosm of any physical health complication we address in this country/world.

We’re quick to jump to the immediate need: in this case, stemming the tide, getting PPE, finding respirators, etc.  However, the MH ramifications take second fiddle, & that’s IF they take any precedence at all.

Not gonna lie, the need for flattening the curve, & saving lives, is absolutely something staring us in the face, that needs a major part of our focus.

But, what I think isn’t taken into consideration nearly as much as it should, is the MH impact.  When it’s a fam dealing w an illness like cancer, the social & emotional well-being of the patients & the fam members is an afterthought, to the chemo, radiation, etc.

Likewise, that’s what’s happening here w Covid. The difference is, EVERY fam is impacted.  Why?  Here’s a general list.  Fear of: getting the virus, fam getting the virus, layoffs, school routines being messed up, financial uncertainties, stuff from our past rising to the surface bc we have fewer distractions, more verbal & physical abuse at homes bc we are on top of each other every waking hour of the day. Those are just some of them.

What did I learn about stress & trauma from my 2.5 yrs of hell? It builds. It accumulates. It doesn’t just go away when the hard times we’re facing, go away.  It’s literally like a math equation – our pots of boiling water, boil over. We can’t contain it any more.  That’s how suicidal ideations arise. That’s how suicide happens.

We HAVE to take this seriously, now – not when Covid’s done & we’re back to our “normal” routine. Not when our kids are out of the house. Look up guided community meditation sessions.  Go on the peloton app & find 5/10/15 min yoga sessions. Check out the STARR practices on our site. Do these things for yourself & your fam so your pots don’t boil over. Do you think this will get better when the stress of jobs & deadlines return? No way.

We’re scared of the # of deaths from Covid. Well, we lose 1 mill a yr, globally, to suicide. If we don’t address this now, it will be scary how high that # will grow.

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