Big Pharma Bribing Doctors

NBC just released this article. With opioid abuse & suicides on the rise, it’s scary to think about the gross injustices going on here.
File this post under that same category of – “reasons why I may end up in a ditch“ one day. But, I cannot believe these sorts of things go on, & feel compelled to keep sharing when I read them.
The makers of an opioid drug had been bribing doctors to 1) prescribe more of their drug & higher doses of it, 2) lie to insurance companies as to what their patients’ illnesses were & what drugs they needed, & 3) accept their offers.
Here’s the bottom line, while it’s not every doctor/most doctors, the simple fact that there ARE doctors out there, willing to be in cahoots with some of the crooked pharma company leaders who are out there, chasing higher profits/payoffs, KNOWING it’s coming at the expense of patients’ lives, is SCARY.  Maybe I want to believe that all ppl who get into the medicine do so bc they simply want to help ppl.  But, you hear stories like this, & the thousands of others out there like these, & you wonder how this is ever going to get better. Be your own advocate…ask questions…get second opinions…discuss all treatment options with those closest to you.

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