Do You Believe In Signs?

Do you believe in signs?


There are so many ways we all talk abt this – “the universes sending signs,” “it’s meant to be,” “spirituality – put good out there, good comes back to you,” “religion,” “common frequency vibrations.”


Not sure which of these you do/don’t believe in, but I gotta tell you, this whole “path” I’ve been on since I got sick in the beginning of 2015 has made me a believer that there’s something out there putting us in places & meeting ppl we should.


I’m in frigging Penticton, an area in BC, Canada I’d never heard of before. I came here to talk to a group of fire chiefs, who saw me talk at a @worksafebc event in Vancouver in Jan for first responders. How did I get that opportunity? Someone followed this account on IG & connected me w a fire captain who became a great friend, Steve Farina. Steve invited me to stay after this conference for a few days so I could see more of BC w him.


Shared this in “stories” but the conference ends, Steve, a friend named Trudi, & I head to wineries yesterday, & the first three we see have (in the pics here) – a sign showing essentially the #SameHere🤙 sign, a Serendipity sign, & then an Elephant (the sign of Theo Fleury’s) Foundation who has become my partner & great friend on this mission.


We wake up this morn, & last min I put on my NBA Playoffs shirts I’ve had since 2001, & this gentleman Paul & his wife Denise stop me on the way in for breakfast to ask abt the game last night. Turns out Paul’s best friend (zoom on the pic) lives in Winnipeg & has the SAME last name as me, SAME spelling, a rare name; I’ve never met anyone w the same one.


Paul & his wife work in MH as well & now want to collaborate. Their son is going to play volleyball in Israel – w a sports organization, after one reached out about bringing us out for programming. Can’t. Make. This. Shit. Up.


This doesn’t scratch the surface of the “serendipitous” stuff that’s happened the past yr & a half that I will share in the future that just makes you ask – REALLY???















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