The Suicide Of Austin Eubanks Must Be A Wake-Up Call

In a bit of shock. A number of days ago, Brian Bolten, who’s on our Board, met w Austin Eubanks, a survivor of Columbine, who had been using his experience to help others. Brian connected Austin & I to talk & collaborate.


This morning, we just found out the awful news that Austin was found dead in his house, no foul play discovered.


First it was survivors of Parkland we lost to suicide. Then it was a father from Sandy Hook. Now it’s a survivor from Columbine, 20 years later!! And these were folks who were out there advocating for change, on the path towards bettering themselves & others.


Please hear this: TRAUMA we have experienced is the largest issue we must address when it comes to this massive societal epidemic of mental health.  I’m not downplaying genetic predisposition. What I’m asking is that you consider the events above & the outcomes.


Trauma happens in all of our lives – to us directly in what we see & face w our own fam & friends, & even indirectly, like what our first responders witness on the job. Even when we have positive coping mechanisms, trauma can build in our system & be a silent killer. We must put MH education in our schools & other systems so that ppl can effectively deal w traumas they face. This is a #5in5 issue, not a #1in5 one.


Campaigns abt disorder go nowhere, celebs talking abt disorder go nowhere: if we do not systematically address underlying trauma. If it’s something we ALL face…something we can’t escape…something we didn’t choose for ourselves…why aren’t we addressing it? Why is there shame? Why are we sweeping it under the rug?

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