Are You “Crazy” Too?

Not all the work in advocacy needs to be serious or provocative. It’s sometimes good to break things up w some humor…especially when that humor itself has some lessons that can come from it.


It’s pretty obvious by now that you all know we believe that the labeling of the “mentally ill” vs. “normal” separates us, & instead that: We’re All A Little “Crazy.” Sure some of us (myself included) have unfortunately gotten at times to the end of that MH spectrum, where disorders have developed: whether bc of genetics, life experiences, physical traumas, etc.


However, talking to soooo many of you over phone, text, email, insta, what’s been equal parts apparent, & hilarious, has been allll of the “Crazy” thoughts you’ve shared, that you think are unique to your mind, that are in fact shared by sooo many others.  We just don’t talk about them bc we think they’re “weird” to let others know about.


In this post I’m gonna list some of them. We obsess over this “nonsensical” stuff. Some may be a little OCD-ish, some a little Disassociation-esque…but the point is, these thoughts run through our minds bc we are creative, thought-provoking humans – so it’s no wonder we all feel part of this “Crazy” group.  How could we not when we have so many unanswered questions & “interesting” thoughts we often obsess over. Hope you enjoy:


– When someone is talking passionately & I don’t agree at all w what they’re saying, is it weird that I picture myself sticking my hand over their mouth & literary closing it shut? Does this make me a bad person?


– Why when I’m going for a walk, & I pass over the sidewalk & miss stepping on a particular crack, do I feel the need to sometimes go back & step on that exact crack. Like I am gonna miss out on something if I don’t touch it w my foot.


– If people who have passed away are literally looking over us from above, are they watching me as I’m getting undressed? As I’m in the shower? Should I always be worried about covering up?


– Religious beliefs aside, does anything really happen when I make a wish at 11:11, or, on my bday when I blow out the candles? It does feel different when I make wishes then.


– What is my dog thinking when I talk to him/her? Are they actually thinking something like a train of thought, or do they think in “ruff ruff” language alone?


– I understand the concept of gravity & why we stick to the ground instead of floating off…but if the world is round, & I’m not on the top of it on the North Pole, why don’t I feel like I’m hanging off the edge of the earth sideways all the time when I leave my house?


– Why is it they give us recorders in school – to the WHOLE grade, when we are young. If we all had to grow up to be saxophonists or play the clarinet, I’d understand, but why has a recorder become the norm?


– What would happen if we put two seemingly friendly animals of different sizes, in a small cage – like a guinea pig and a hamster? Would the guinea pig try to eat the hamster, or would they become “odd-couple” friends?


– I know they have gills to pass water through, but living in that water, do fish/sea animals ever feel thirsty?


– If the universe keeps expanding, what is it expanding into? How is there more beyond something that’s already supposed to be the biggest thing?


– When my dog is in the room during sex, does he/she know what’s going on, but just ignore the obvious out of respect for me & my partner?


– We get covered up in a lead gown when we get an X-ray, but everyone in the world has cellphones, & most electronic devices work off of WiFi & clouds. Are we all just walking thru mazes of electronic beams & harmful stuff everywhere?


– What if we all see objects and describe them the same way: “that tv is flat and 42”…but what we are ACTUALLY seeing & describing is unique to each of us & means different things?


– Did dinosaurs have names for one another to know how to ask for each other?


– Since humans are the only animal to drink the milk of another animal, who was the person who first realized – hey I should pull on the utters of that cow & taste what comes out of it?


– I sometimes wonder whether I’m actually like the character in Truman Shown & the whole world is in on it, & I’m the only character not in the know.


Sound familiar? Realize now why these thoughts would set us off a bit? I’m sure there are others that swirl in your head too. Well then, welcome to our world of “Crazies.” Everyone on the planet is a member…they just don’t all know it yet.


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