Honoring ALL Those Who Have Been Impacted On Memorial Day

On Memorial Day, we honor those who made the Ultimate Sacrifice for our country’s freedom & way of life. WAALC stands for those brave heroes on this important day, & weekend.


We would also like to honor & offer comfort to all those whose loved ones made that sacrifice. Fellow servicemen & women who were out in the fields when tragedy struck, as well as many thousands of family members & friends whose loved ones never came back from service. To all of you, we say #SameHere🤙.


The concept of The#SameHere🤙 Movement is to bind us ALL together through the common challenges in life we face, & to acknowledge how those challenges affect us. Maybe not everyone has lost someone close to them while serving our country, but everyone HAS gone through the loss of family members & friends in some way.


For that reason, we want to say to those who are not only celebrating the bravery of these selfless men & women, but also grieving at this time of year, #SameHere🤙 Pain from loss comes in all different forms, but please know we are here for you, here to support you, we will never forget, & we hope you find comfort through community.

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