9/5/21: Let’s Stop Justifying And Start Focusing On Empowerment

How often in this space do we hear: “Asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength.” Or…”You’re not weak if you reach out. Everyone needs the support of others at times.”

Why’s there always a need to justify? By even mentioning the word weak, we’re re-enforcing that this is the prevailing thought by “most others.” What it does, is make those fearful of reaching out, consider that term even more, before they cross over that line TO get help.

It’s why I’m such a big fan of empowerment msgs/brands in this space….msgs that are unapologetically BOLD, & share the strength, w/o having to justify that it’s not a weakness. Here are a few examples from diff groups in diff areas of society, that I love: (this is not an exhaustive list, but just some, for example purposes):

  • “Own Your Roar” @ownyourroar brought to Towson college students by a fellow student @olivialubarsky – be proud of what you share!
  • “Share It Don’t Wear It” – brought to the First Responder community by folks like @farinasteve – it’s worn on our faces any way…just put it out there…that’s strength!
  • “Lift The Mask” & “Lift The Visor” in the world of sports by Justin from @thegoalieguild & Jory from @liftthevisor
  • “GOAT Educators from Nicole at @goateducators – they teach educators how to “reverse the adverse” – & talk abt themselves as “the GOATS” in doing so.
  • “Therapy Is Cool” from @dr.christina_ – …stick w the proactive – it’s friggin’ cool to go to therapy.
  • “Sayville STRIDES” – a school program by Jillian Makris @sayvillestrides where each letter of STRIDES stands for an empowerment word like “Resiliency.”
  • “Be Here Tomorrow” by my buddy @kevinhinesstory & his wife @marghines – being unapologetic abt fighting off suicidal urges.

“Human Being” by @briiianimal @thirtxxn & @zachjaydtd. Are we anything BUT humans when we’re vulnerable & share our challenges?

  • “Breaking Free” from @theofleury14 & the @breakingfreefoundation. It’s not “what” you have to break free from – it’s that you CAN.

It’s why unapologetically our alliance members say “Same Here.” There’s no need to justify it’s not a weakness. Let’s show the strength!

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