8/26/21: Everyone Struggles With “Stuff”

I’ve seen a bunch of examples like these…showing that anyone could be struggling. Obviously with a “5 in 5” MH on a continuum core message, I/we are in agreement there.

But these messages almost exclusively focus on disorder – this high profile person/celeb/accomplished individual could be dealing with: insert label.

That’s not what normalizes conversation. Our STUFF we deal with – the day to day stressors & traumas: those are what are relatable, bring folks in, & change this convo globally, from a “them” topic, to an “us” one.

No one skates through life without major challenges…& those challenges impact our MH…our neurobiology. That mere fact alone, whatever “level” one gets to in their struggle, should be what normalizes this convo. No comparisons, no victims vs the “healthy/fine/normal” group.

You can achieve great heights despite your struggles…& after some time & perspective, maybe even because of those struggles.

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