8/20/21: Why Division Is Rewarded By Social Media

Came across this pic last night, & simply put, this is what social media has become: the goal being division.

And why division? Division riles up human emotion. When we “live” in our mammalian brains we get heated, we consume more of what we WANT to hear, that soothes our feelings toward something (confirmation bias).

We get spoon-fed more & more in our feeds, that keeps us on the the “us” side vs those other ppl on the “them” side.

Logic goes out the window, we don’t consider alternative facts presented to us (even from reliable sources), we believe everyone else is wrong…& most important for these SM companies – 1) we keep coming back to be fed what that mammalian brain wants: more of the “us messaging,” 2) we buy the products & services that they sell on these sites bc of the heightened emotional states we are in – & what we think those products/services can do for us, right away.

It happens on social media, yes, traditional media, yes, & it’s literally tearing our world apart – making us incapable of debate, open dialogue, or feeling commonality/finding compromise. It’s now acting as a reminder to those I speak with, what it was like for them growing up in divisive households – being pulled in multiple directions – to appease the needs of others…traumatizing them in the process.

Yes, part of me is heated bc they squashed our post yesterday in terms of “views” (showed it to 750 of 20.6k of you). Instead of damning administrations or leaders for what’s going on overseas, we used the current events as an opportunity to share our commonalities in our challenges. The SM companies HATE that. They want finger pointing, damning of others, & heightened emotions on “sides.”

I/we will never give them that. If you like holding hands, even w ppl who you may have differing opinions from on diff areas, this a page/movement for you.

There is too much ripping apart the fabric of society, w the aforementioned messages…& we need ppl who see it & hate it, to hold hands, & build momentum to stop it, & reverse it. Use SM to spread positivity, commonality, open debate, & respect.

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