8/10/22 #SameHere Hero: Alexa Von Berg

Today’s SameHere Hero Story: Alexa Von Berg

I was in a domestically violent relationship. I was raped. I was hit. I was verbally, mentally, emotionally abused, controlled, and manipulated to for 15 months. It caused me to have to deal with the trauma that resulted from the torture I went through.

It led to a attempted suicide. I was placed on medicines. I sadly continued to have hallucinations and nightmares – I felt his hands are still on me, constantly.

I asked my parents for a therapist. And eventually told my therapist everything. I knew I needed help. I wanted to be okay.

I have gotten better through the work I am doing with my therapist – including: affirmations, journaling, and meditation.

I have a lot of support. A lot of people reach out to let me know I help them. I often get told I speak for those who are too scared to. My story has made a difference.

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