7/16/21: Why We Need To Stop Labeling In Media Stories

So much to discuss here…where to even begin. Thoughts out to Richard Sherman & his fam, regardless of what we may see in videos & media reports.

Some bkgrnd: Sherman’s a Stanford grad & 10yr NFL vet: 7yrs w the Seahawks where he won a Super Bowl, last 3 w the 49ers. He’s been considered one of the top CBs in the NFL, a 5-time Pro Bowler.

He’s been a community leader as well: currently the VP of the NFLPA’s executive committee. He founded the “Blanket Coverage Foundation,” a charity providing low-income students w school supplies & clothes.

On early Wednesday morn, what we know from reports, is: Sherman had been drinking heavily & had spoken on txt to his wife, Ashley, of killing himself when he left his home in a Seattle suburb. Ashley called 911 to try to have police stop him.

He was arrested early Wednesday after police said he crashed his car on a highway & later tried to break into his in-laws’ home.

His father-in-law told officers that he fired pepper spray at Sherman to protect his fam, as Sherman tried to bust in the door w his shoulder.

Ashley has told police Richard had been on antidepressants & was receiving MH counseling.

It’s also been revealed, Sherman’s been battling personal issues for months, & several of his friends flew out to his house recently to help him thru tough times.

He’s been a great player, a community contributor in a big way, now coming to the twilight of his playing career, not knowing what’s next. That’s hard.

BUT, we have NO idea what the fam dynamics are. No idea what’s been done/said to whom/by whom. Have you ever seen fam or friends try to drink away pain? Yell & charge out of anger?

Doesn’t make it OK, & he was arrested for his actions at the house, BUT, here’s my main point: life is messy. Even wealthy athletes go thru challenging times.

THIS is MH. And before we/the media starts throwing labels/explanations: “CTE or TBI” or “bipolar mania” or “crazy & unstable”…let’s understand this is complex.

Athletes/high profile figures are humans. Humans face challenges. Jumping at labels isn’t what’s needed. Getting him/his fam, help for their relationships/MH is what’s needed.

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