6/15/21: Rooting Yourself On, When No One Else Can

Wasn’t even looking for inspiration this morning…had planned not to post…then came across this quote on my friend’s feed, & it spoke to me in the moment.

It’s awesome when you’re not looking for “it,” but the “it” just hits you smack in the face.

I’d shared last night in Stories, that I’m working on manifesting things, at a time when natural motivation is escaping me in some areas of life. I did some soul searching over the weekend, & tho certain drives weren’t just jumping out & grabbing me, I asked myself, knowing the “me” I’ve known my whole life, a me that’s changed/developed each step of the way, what might I be interested in going after, now.

The visions are clear & solid when it comes to work/this organization. But they’re hazy when it comes to personal life motivations.

I was able to spend some time doing the work, & just by finding images of what I BELIEVE are the things that are gonna drive me (btw they’re not “things” in terms of possessions, but more scenarios/experiences) I got psyched. And…by finding those images, & being able to cement them w visuals, I have drive I haven’t had in some time. It’s drive to do yoga, daily…to meditate, do breathing practices, get to the gym.

Before, in my life, I’ve needed outside motivation: go to the game to cut some weight, to look better, for vanity reasons. Now, the motivation is more internal, & it feels good.

OK this might not sound new to many. Sounds a little like a – vision board. And maybe if you’ve done it already, you already know the power here. But…

This quote says so much more. There are certain things that happen IN our heads, that we need to clap for ourselves on. I know the quote’s words speak (probably) more to accomplishments ppl can SEE, & whether you have friends/fam in your corner. But it’s also true when it comes to motivations in our own heads that others CAN’T see.

If these things are in our heads, alone, we need to be our biggest fans…& whether it be journals, pictures, mantras, we CAN root ourselves on & be our own biggest fans.

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