4/3/21: Strangers Are No Longer Strangers When They Ask For Help

Have you seen that story that went viral a few days ago abt the 16yr old on the flight out of Dallas? If not, it’s worth the search (I’ll try to share it in Stories).
Thx to friends who pointed it out, I had a chance to read it, & discovered what a beautiful metaphor for life/how we can be there for one another, it is.
A flight took off from Dallas, experiencing terrible turbulence- not the garden variety kind, but the kind that makes ya wonder if the plane was built to sustain those quick jolts, as you fear the worst.
A middle-aged couple was sitting next to a teenage boy they hadn’t yet spoken w, who was in the window seat.  As the turbulence got worse, the boy turned to this couple & shared: “I need you to talk to me right now. I have terrible anxiety, this is my first time ever flying alone, & this turbulence is messing w me. I need you to talk to me.”
The universe works in mysterious ways, but this boy sat next to a couple that heard his cry & embraced him. They gave their names & said they were proud of him for asking for help, would be proud of their kids for doing the same, for the next 90 min they were gonna be his best friends, & this plane was gonna get thru this turbulence safely.
“Strangers” who likely never would’ve talked, but for this turbulence, & this boy’s vulnerability/willingness to ask for help, now bonded- not just for this flight, but w a story forever.  And what a beautiful metaphor, reaching out when it gets bumpy, on a plane or in life, & how that vulnerability can quickly bring you together. Btw, this teenager is a recording artist who’d just recorded his first album. Still a child, but one who can perform. He still took the chance to ask for help.
I’m a realist. I get that not everyone’s as accepting & comforting as that couple.  But, as someone who put their story out there in 2017 & asked for help, let me tell you it was the best decision of my life. That bonded me to “strangers” from arnd the world, quicker than anything I could’ve ever posted abt my life/sports/sports biz career.

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