4/21/21: How We Can Come Together: Compassion Wins

Wow the past few days, leading off of the past many days, weeks, months, there has been so much to absorb in our world, no matter your beliefs.

Short one today but thought this quote was relevant. We may have strong opinions…we may have opinions that are unwavering…but our life experiences impact the lenses through which we see things and form those opinions. Not everyone has been exposed to the same and so connecting and sharing is so important.

Something to consider before we give so much of a piece of our mind of why we are right, & everyone else in “this group” is wrong. If we can give ppl pieces our heart before jumping to pieces of our mind – even when we might want to tell them off, that’s where understanding, conversation, and commonality can come in.

Thinking of everyone out there at some difficult times, no matter your strongly held beliefs. Compassion wins.

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