3/26/22 #SameHere Hero: Genevieve Prasad

Today’s SameHere Hero Story: Genevieve Prasad

I came from a divorced family. It was difficult for me to adjust. My biological father was not present for most of my childhood and adolescence. My mother and father are alcoholics/addicts. Growing up, especially during my adolescence I saw my mom in active addiction and continue to see her struggle today. I also was a victim of bullying in school.

Growing up I felt a lot of sadness. I remember my mom asking me what was wrong and I would internalize my feelings and stay in silence for hours. Unfortunately, after a 17-year relationship and building a family (four children) I am going through a divorce. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression and I also suffer from alcoholism and addiction.

I decided to seek professional help from a psychiatrist and a psychologist. I also voluntary went into an addiction rehabilitation center. I knew I had to seek help when in my addiction, I was engaging in risky and life-threatening behaviors. Most of all, I wanted my children to have a healthy mother, a mother they deserve.

My rehabilitation center has helped me immensely. Process groups, learning coping methods using CBT, and DBT have helped me handle triggers. My individual therapy sessions are also helpful. Working in the program of Alcoholics Anonymous has been life-changing. I have built a fellowship with amazing women. Most importantly it has taught me the importance of building a relationship with my higher power. I meditate and pray daily.

This is the first time I share my story in a public space. I was hesitant because of the “stigma” and being judged in a negative way. Through my recovery journey especially by attending AA meetings, I have become more comfortable sharing my story. More importantly, I realize that sharing is healing, not just for me, but for others who listen to my story. We all share the human experience #SameHere!

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