3/21/21: Our Similarities Unite Us More Than Differences Separate Us

Gonna try something a little different this time arnd. Up to this pt, we’ve been intro-ing the celeb alliance members one-by-one, showing the uniqueness in each story, but the similarities in that everyone DOES have a story.
For this post, wanted to share the top-line summaries of the stories for 2 men you’d think would have nothing in common.  One’s an actor & creator.  The other played LB in the NFL.  One’s still deep in his craft. The other retired a while ago & went on a healing journey. One has never told his story before. The other has been a vocal MH advocate for 7 yrs now.
So why share on the same day? Bc w the growth of who’s been joining this movement, we’re now fortunate enough to be able to show diff ppl from diff walks of life, w diff passions/upbringings/challenges/perspectives, all banding together to share – this topic is for ALL of us, #5in5.
I’ll share links to their full write-ups in the coming days, but for here:
@jockosims plays Dr. Reynolds on NBC’s New Amsterdam, & Lieutenant Burk on TNT’s The Last Ship. This is the first time he’s ever shared this publicly. Let me tell you, this guy is just a solid guy who CARES abt others.
His little brother who was raised in a diff household than him is serving a life sentence in prison. Jocko says: he feels the pressure of needing to be successful to take care of his entire fam & that (despite being grateful for so much), the pandemic has taken a social-mental toll on him. He’s got more to share, that he will shortly.
@rwalk56 spent 6 yrs playing LB in the NFL for the Cardinals, Chargers, & Broncos. He voluntarily retired in 2014 bc he says football was a bandaid for the mental, physical, sexual, domestic abuse he experienced – starting at the age of 4 years old.
2 men, 2 very diff paths, 2 diff sets of challenges: 1 major commonality: they both have a story of challenges that impact their MH (not just labels), to share w the world.

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