3/14/21: Self-Care Is About Engaging, Not Avoiding

Thought of this yesterday, as I’m in the midst of a rough patch. I don’t share that for sympathy…but instead so if you’re going through one, you know you’re far from alone.
Short one today, but it occurred to me amidst this rough patch, as I spend the wknd trying to up my practices/exercises, that I’m not doing them so I can have coping mechanisms to avoid the crappy-ness I’m feeling from the residue challenges of the past. 
Instead, long-term, I’m doing them so I can get to the point where the crappy-ness from those challenges don’t impact me the same way. So I can just take them on, head-on, & dominate them.
Self-care (& specifically STARR exercises) are resiliency-building tools…& they’re work – even ones where we lay down. While some may help in the moment, in the long run, we are using them to build reserves & make us stronger. You got this. We got this!

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