2/5/22 #SameHere Hero: Rosio Navarro

Today’s SameHere Hero Story: Rosio Navarro

Hi everyone, I really don’t know what to say. It’s my first time doing something like this so, I’ll give it a shot.

An experience that I went through this year that makes me low in mental health, and emotionally too is the loss of my mom. I think that is the most traumatic event in my entire life.

My mother’s loss affects me in so many ways, emotionally, physically, in everything. She was my everything, I mean every mom is the world for every person. So, the loss of her leaves me with a lot of feelings that I can’t resolve right now.

I barely can sleep or eat well, while sorrow and sadness are reigning in my life. I feel so low, so bad that I don’t even smile like I used to do, and that provokes my anxiety, anger, fear, insecurity, and a little of depression too.

All that is really hard to get over, even more when I return home and knowing that I won’t see her again, It’s very painful.

Some days ago I was crying on my bed, hugging my pillow and that’s when I knew it. Something is really bad inside me and I really need to get well, because I want to be well. So, I decided to contact a professional and release all these feelings, go out and tell the world that I’m strong and that I can be better, just fear and insecurity prevent me from doing that.

The methods I use to feel better are my hobbies like listening to music, painting, writing, and, photography. What helps me too is talking with my friends, or searching for information on mental health distracts me from reality.


I wrote that quote seven days ago, and I think it resumes all of the good in ourselves and I think that every single person should know it.

Not every people in our world are empathic, not everyone comes to you and gives you a hug and tells you they are sorry for your loss, but luckily I was surrounded but amazing people who were there for me, and give a lot of support when I needed the most. That’s what I really appreciate, and there is where I get the strength to keep going.

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