2 /23/21: Not Allowing Bad Days To Control Us

Oh how I wish this advice I’m giving now, was advice I’d been able to give myself for many years in the past.
Not just the last day, but the last couple of days, plural, have not been the best for me. Have no idea “why.” There’s not been a singular specific reason. In fact, things have been going pretty well, work-wise, in my private/family life, etc. But a day, or days, like this – they happen.
Could be for a whole host of reasons – Maybe something I saw on TV reminded me of an event from the past, even if subconsciously. Maybe a convo I had shook loose some questions I’d been struggling with. Maybe in my sleep, my guard was let down, & even as I’m healing, the strength has led to more memories surfacing in my dreams that I’m not as comfortable w yet. Who knows!! There are almost an infinite number of reasons as to why I may be feeling the way I’m feeling…why some of you may be feeling what you’re feeling.
In the past, I would categorize these days as “bad day,” alone, & would obsess over why I’m in this funk. I’m taking my supplements…I’m doing my daily STARR exercises…I’m getting enough sleep…if anything I’ve been more focused on nutrition than ever before due to working w this functional medicine doc.
The best part of what I’ve learned is the following: a “bad” day or set of days is 1) not 100% bad (there are all sorts of other feelings in there), 2) not an indication I’ll be like this forever, 3) something I can just accept as a period of time that will pass.
When we try to FIX things, & we obsess over the reasons why we feel how we do, we only spiral ourselves into a worse funk. My visualization I hope is helpful, is: I picture these days as heavy cloud cover above me. Yes, cloud cover is heavy – but it’s not permanent. 
Sunshine can sneak thru every so often. And the biggest thing is, the wind eventually moves the heaviest portion of the cloud cover. It’s temporary. And the key learning? The more we accept the cloud cover, the faster the wind does its thing, & pushes it so it no longer shades us as intensely, for as long.
Keep going…let yourself feel whatever you feel…you’re doing great!

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