2/11/21: – Getting Back To Face-To-Face With Schools

This pic came in from Mrs. Jillian  Makris from Sayville School District, all the way out east on LI. 
I’d spent 3 days out here in a hotel by the airport, to do the first group of IN-Person presentations we’ve done w a “larger” group of students, since this whacky period in our lives began. 
Why larger in quotes? Just look at the pics. The students needed to be 1 row and 3 seats apart, wearing masks. A pic that can look “ugly” at the same time can look so beautiful…at least it does to Mrs. Makris & I.
I responded to her text of the pics: “we are gonna look back at these w a tremendous amount of pride – all of us, students, parents, teachers, administrators, that we did ‘this.’” That we got through one of the craziest times in our lives and we still made things happen.
NY just announced that arenas can open in a few weeks to 10% capacity. The stands there too will look “ugly.” But again, it all will show resiliency, progress, stick-to-it-ivness.
Maybe I’m cheesy, but this pic is a badge of honor for me…and I hope for all of you – as parents, employees, business owners, students – that despite the challenges, we are ALL charging on the best we can helping each other.

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