12/26/2020: Kids Helping The World Heal

Saw this for first time yesterday & just screamed out – “YES, THIS!” for so many reasons.
First consider the all the different hearts behind the story. We have a 5-yr-old, feeling so awful for homeless kids who can’t celebrate Christmas w toys the way he knows he & his friends will be able to.  So, he & family set up an online streaming fundraiser, so that he can provide toys for those very kids.
The story gets out so wide, that other hearts get involved & donate WAY more than expected – to the point where his $2,000 goal is exceeded 15x over, to reach almost $30,000.  Those are the logistics…those are the hearts. 
Now, the other reason why this story is so big….another reason why I screamed that “Yes”…this is EXACTLY the type of thing the mental health world needs!
We have a 5-yr-old, meditating! This was not Deepak Chopra. This was not a Buddhist Monk. This was a child, living in NY, sitting still for well over 20 min (at a time when we believe kids have no attention spans to stick w anything other than a screen), NORMALIZING what meditation LOOKS like. 
If you read even deeper into the article, he & his mom (who taught him how to meditate & helped groom his passion for it), want to be a part of bringing it to more & more schools in their area & beyond.
These are the types of stories we need. These are the types of leaders we need.  We always ask: “How we can make a difference in this space & make change happen?” This 5-yr-old just showed us a way! So awesome!!

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