12/25/2020: It’s Okay To Feel What You Feel

It’s Christmas Day…wishing all who celebrate a merry one…but I know for many, this is a difficult time of year.
We long for loved ones no longer with us, we miss those living across the country or even world, & this year especially, we may feel further than ever due to that distance. 
Our feelings (of which there are sooo many), exist across a continuum). It’s possible to feel sad, to feel lonely, to cry – and at the SAME time, feel things like comfort w that special one person we are able to be around, grateful that we have even someone to share it w, or the slightest bit of joy from being able to video chat w fam or friends. 
We tend to think of our emotions as “feeling happy or sad,” in a very binary way…usually bc we allow ONE feeling related to ONE situation, to dominate. Fortunately, if we think a layer beyond, we can see that we are actually feeling many emotions simultaneously.
Therefore, let’s not settle on reenforcing the negative of: “It’s okay not to feel okay.” Let’s instead give ourselves permission to feel any/many things with: “It’s okay to feel whatever we feel.”
Merry Xmas, Happy Holidays, be there for one another & let’s lift each other up!

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