11/24/2022 There Is No Room For Hate Or Violence Of Any Kind

After the horrific murder of 5, & injury of more than a dozen at “Club Q,” a popular LGBTQ spot in Colorado Springs abt a day ago, in addition to murder charges – the suspect is expected to be charged w 5 counts of committing a bias-motivated crime.

After considering the victims/their fams – HATE was the first thing I thought of, when learning of this senseless act. But…when searching the headlines in national publications, not surprisingly, I found only 2 that talked abt hate, specifically.

The rest focused on – “murder,” “guns,” “shooting.” 

Why these terms? If you have an opinion on guns -more laws/major changes needed, or less laws/keep things the same: these headlines rile you up. It stinks that we’re a nation divided on so many topics, & this is atop the list. 

The attempt of this page will always be to bring folks TOGETHER. There’s enuf tearing us apart. Some will be critical of guns….some will fight for rights to be kept. Bc it was an LGBTQ-targeted crime, some will come in support of the community, while others will talk abt terms like grooming. The divisiveness is sad.

Wherever you stand politically or socially -as MH advocates…as humans -can’t we at least ALL agree that violent acts of HATE should be condemned by all?

In May of 2021, during an Israeli/Palestinian conflict – I was very critical of the largest nonprofits in the US who didn’t say a peep when American Jews were being targeted due to things happening in the Middle East! They were EXTREMELY vocal against other recent hate crime trends. You can’t stand against hate & violence in some cases when it’s convenient & not in others. 

Then when DeSean Jackson made his antisemitic posts, another NFL player infamously said, in part: “We gotta stay focused. All of this back-&-forth that’s going on right now is a distraction. Allow those who were impacted by it to voice their grievances. We’ve got a lot of work to do, & this ain’t it. Stay focused.”

That’s just the wrong message. It doesn’t matter if you align w a group or not: hate is hate…violence is violence. There’s no place for EITHER in society. That’s something we all should be able to align on.

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