11/16/2021 If You Don’t Ask The Question, The Answer You Have For It May Always Remain The Same

Mentioned in Stories, we began our school visits for the NFLPA partnership, this wk. First stop was Wilbraham & Monson Academy in Mass.

Came up w former NFLer & Super Bowl champ, Chukky Okobi, who’s since become an Integrative MH professional.

I love being in the schools. And every time we meet w them – for large assemblies like you’ll see in the Stories, or even for small breakouts, we try to leave time for Q&A at the end. 

Those questions come in many forms – hands raised in front of the large group (like was done in front of 400 yesterday), deeper discussion questions when we’re in the smaller breakout groups, individual questions to one or both of our presenters after the sessions as students & teachers hang arnd…& even those who grab us in settings outside of the presentation, as we’re making our way arnd campus, bc they have an intellectual curiosity.

All of those scenarios took place yesterday, on day 1 of 2, of programming w Wilbraham. And many of these questions were awesome.  Some were abt how to get over a game where they played poorly & can’t stop thinking abt it. Some were abt how to get past a brain that keeps questioning our own decisions. Some were abt how we can better position MH to our friends so that it further gets normalized.

Then, Chukky & I went to the cafeteria after, & were kindly offered to eat, as it was nearly closing down. We sat at a table w many empty ones arnd us, & a few stragglers still in the back finishing their food.  That’s when the gentleman I shared abt in Stories, Kyle, a 7-footer who just committed to play for Duke basketball, came & sat down & started asking us questions.

He was asking us how to best think abt haters he’ll ultimately get, as he plays on a big stage: from fans at other arenas, on social media, even fans on HIS new campus, if he doesn’t play well. I’ll keep our discussions private, but…

His question & all the other great ones made me think: when we don’t ask – the ANSWER remains the same. They’re limited to what our OWN minds can arrive at. How do we get/feel better if we don’t ask? Get comfortable being uncomfortable w the ask!

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