11/13/2022 Normalize Being Vocal

Love how vulnerable Zion is getting.

Atheltes (or any public figures), are humans too. 

Some may call this weak, and that’s fine. On the flip side, if he felt these things from reading the comments, do you know what makes him perform worse? Staying quiet about it and holding it all in. 

By putting this all out there he’s literally owning it. He’s in control. He gets to use this as motivation – to work that much harder. 

Gone are the days of believing – you are tougher by “blocking out the noise” and pretending things didn’t happen/you didn’t see them. That may sound tough on the outside. It’s not. We have a subconscious. Not dealing with things, not attacking them, not addressing them, they fester and make you perform worse – and can even get you sick. 

This happens in all aspect of life where things are said ABOUT you, where you then hear about them. We aren’t all public figures like Zion. But, we all look different from one another. We are different shapes and sizes. We wear different things. With that comes comments from others. 

I’m happy to see Zion normalizing being vocal – when it’s comments about weight. How many out there have had others comment on their weight, and it’s painful to hear? Too heavy…too skinny…not enough muscle. And again, the same is true of any comments about your appearance that you hear either directly, or indirectly from others. 

Zion has used this as motivation to get in the best shape of his life right now, and is averaging 23 points, 7 rebounds, and 4 assists. Not bad for a guy who’s sharing openly, what’s impacted him. 

Consider sharing and owning your stuff. It’s such a freeing feeling.

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