1/21/21 Student-Led Mental Health Clubs And Podcasts

Oh how I/we have missed in-person programming. Virtual is a great tool, but nothing replaces face-to-face when it comes to real connections – even if you’re all under a mask.
I teased this a little in Stories, bc I was so excited abt it, but as part of our #SameHere Schools programming/relationships, we help schools build student-led MH clubs. Names, events, programming, structure, social media presence, plan for longevity, integration of messaging w school sporting & other events, etc. 
For Locust Valley High School, pictured here, we had to start (as we do in most/all schools) w the culture/foundation programs first, the end of 2020. Story telling, concept of MH on a continuum, 5in5 instead of 1in5, science of stress & trauma, STARR exercises, etc.
But, bc of Covid, we needed to do that part on video, broken up into virtual home room sessions, 15 min at a time. Logistics have certainly put a wrinkle into the “ideal” structures for SEL.
At least laying that foundation w the videos, enabled us to dive deep w these student leaders w their club/podcast. I was so impressed by their questions/level of preparedness.
Their advisor, who runs their film/media program, literally asked if there was enough content for us to make a full podcast. Then 2+ hrs later, they had to shut us down bc we were going too long. 
These kids CARE. Their questions were so on point. They dove deep into the “why.” Why do we need to talk a certain way, use/not use certain words, engage differently than what we have been taught for yrs in health textbooks.
I’ll share the link of the video & audio when they release it to their district community. As you can tell by the room, they had a robust set up w multiple mics & cameras.
This experience gave me great hope once again that the future is bright. These kids/students want to learn, want to grow, want to be leaders.  Lots of work to do, but fun and inspiring work!

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