1/2/2021: The Impact You Can Make By Being Uniquely You

I didn’t have IG or twitter till I got sick, started on my healing journey, & realized these tools could actually be used for good.
I’m not someone u’d consider trendy😂. I don’t wear pre-made Halloween costumes (well once), or things like a Gucci belt or Armani watch.
Since I got on social media, I’ve had friends, collaborators, “growth experts” tell me I should take advantage of “trends” on IG, Tik Tok, etc. 
Posting as a male, I see those trends are things like pics w your shirt off, flexing, nice cars, even pics of big parties. Then there are things like playing a “character role,” like the “warm-hearted guy.” On Tik Tok, you’re told to copy the SAME dances to the SAME music as other “trending” posts.
So let’s say I do as told & follow the trends & get high engagement numbers bc I nail the algorithm. Ok, cool. But then I haven’t been using any gifts that make me unique, to have impact, bring joy, or help others.
Some of these “experts” have recommend we ride the trends & THEN talk abt/show our core msgs to a larger audience. But who’d our audience be at that pt? Wouldn’t it be ppl interested in the trends, not the content we genuinely enjoy sharing, in our own unique way?
We each have gifts. If we’re uniquely us, our impact will be way greater. Would you rather have a profound impact on 400 ppl…or a shallow impact on 4,000?  Look at our bud Darren Rovell. He started talking abt what HE was passionate abt/had a gift for – sport business – before anyone else was.
Here on IG & elsewhere – I don’t feel right being anything but me. I can’t help that I enjoy explaining things, giving details, sharing from lived experiences. You could argue that’s not what the IG algorithm rewards. Thing is, I dont care. I’d rather impact ppl in a way that’s uniquely me, than chase follower numbers.
What’s unique abt you? The accounts I follow run the gamut, but they’re ppl who are unapologetic abt what they’re passionate abt & how they use their gifts. Their posts motivate me even when it’s a topic I have little interest in. You can use your gifts, make genuine connections & find yourself filled w purpose, & making a big impact.

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