1/19/21: We Each Have Very Special Gifts

Spent yesterday sharing someone else’s quotes: an idol in MLK. So, my idea today, was to post some original content. Then, I saw this quote & fell in love.
If you grew up in NY or NJ in the 90s or before, u’re often asked if u’re more of a fan of Billy Joel or Bruce Springsteen. As a NYer, Billy’s my guy…just more drawn to his music.
Working at sports arenas, I was very fortunate to see him live, numerous times…& here’s what always mesmerized me: the man’s fingers DANCE, effortlessly, over the piano. You watch that type of talent, in person, & you can’t help but think – some higher power gave him that gift. 
Once you come to that realization, you think – wow, he was “selected” to be superhuman at THAT. 
I grew up & music was encouraged. Piano lessons…then sax (even won the senior band award 😂). Since, have picked up the guitar. But, I’m an AWFUL musician when compared to a talent like Billy. I can kinda hold a tune – but unlike Billy – NOTHING comes naturally to me.
And yet juxtapose music to something like sports…basketball specifically…that did come naturally to me. I could get on the court & tho not overly skilled or athletic, I had this adrenaline & motor that didn’t stop. I wanted the ball more than anyone playing. 
So why bring up a musician w a world class gift…a bball player w an ok gift that got me as far as a HS captain & college walk-on? Bc whatever “gifts” we’re given, to diff levels, SOME of those gifts are more easily recognized & celebrated by kids in school.
While those are more recognized in school settings, I truly believe that EVERYONE on this planet has gifts, that we as adults need to start encouraging & celebrating more in our kids. Empathy is a GIFT. Generosity is a GIFT. Kindness is a GIFT. 
And here’s the kicker – I think those gifts are AS/even more special than a rock star’s fingers…but kids aren’t considered “cool” for their less visible gifts. So it’s on us to explain & encourage how special those gifts are to this world! 
Ask Billy to take a jump shot & it’s not pretty. I bet he’s as in awe abt someone’s effortless empathy, as we are his effortless musical talents.

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