With the #SameHere Scale, we have worked with school professionals, graphic designers, world-renowned psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, and social workers (as well as focus groups of students and parents) to create an easy-to-understand (mental health continuum, or) “scale” that puts everyone in the school community on the same page with respect to a non-diagnostic common language that can be used to express how our mental health may change over time. The scale is a visual representation of long-studied, evidence-based Polyvagal Science developed by Dr. Stephen Porges.

Students in your entire school are easily able to use the #SameHere Scale Apps to share their responses with your teachers and/or your school professionals – daily, weekly, monthly, and engage in private, secured chats related to those responses.

This proprietary scale is different from all other social and emotional tools available because it allows for schools to track, in a linear way, the cumulative impacts of life events and how they affect our students. They can then tie together those answers on the scale to track how they are related to: events taking place in their lives, sensations they are noticing in their brains/bodies, and self-care exercises they are doing/can be doing to work on their social and emotional health.  Teachers and school professionals, as well as administrators can then notice trends related to each student and communicate efficiently about the best SEL game plan for students, all on the same platform.

The "SameHere Teacher" and "SameHere Student" Apps are both available in the Apple App Store and Google Play

All apps may be used on personal devices, iPads, chrome books, and desktops. If you are interested in a deep dive into how the app works, watch this tutorial video here.

Fill out this form below for access to the app, to have your school's information uploaded. That access is gated, and downloading the apps alone will not enable usage:

SameHere Teacher
SameHere Student
For more information or to sign-up your school or district, so that we may upload your info for use, and provide you with passwords, fill-out the form above, or contact us at

How To Use the #SameHere Scale App

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