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#LIFESaver Families Profile: Arlana Janell Miller

What is your loved one’s full name: 
Arlana Janell Miller

What was their date of birth & their age at the time of their passing?
December 12, 2002; 19 years-old

Tell us about your loved one: What five adjectives best describe the positive they brought to this world, that now shines on in how they impacted you and all those they touched?
Smart, thoughtful, caring, positive, and encouraging

To the extent that you feel comfortable, please tell us what you believe were the circumstances/contributing factors around your loved one’s passing.
Arlana tore her ACL completely and fell behind in her classes. She was taking six classes and on a full academic scholarship. I believe she had a moment where the fear and cumulative stress overcame her.

What did you as a family wish you knew more about this topic in the year’s leading up to your loss?
I wish I knew about what happens to the mind of athletes when they get hurt, and how the mind can place irrational thoughts in your head, not ones of your choosing.

Why did your family decide to go public about your loss, and why are you choosing to be so selfless in putting their/your story out there for others?

I want others to know you don’t have to suffer in silence and even if you don’t think what you’re facing is severe. That it’s okay to not feel okay at any level. You are not weak when you ask for help.

What are the perceptions about suicide you would like your loved one’s story to help change?

The false understandings that you are crazy or weak.  The African American community in particular judges others harshly for admitting they are suffering with anything mental health related. I want to change those false perceptions and normalize this conversation.

Links and/or descriptions to any resources you would like to drive people to:

Instagram: arlanajanellmillerfoundation



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