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Practitioner Profile – Bill Solz: Havening

Bill Solz


Director of Stress Solutions of New York, 2013 Nassau Country Social Worker of the Year, Trained in Havening by the Practice’s Founder

Bill’s Bio:

Bill has specialized in providing quick symptom relief and comprehensive healing via many different treatment approaches for over 33 years. He has been trained in EMDR, Thought Field Therapy, the Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy, and Havening. In 2013, he was also selected as Social Worker of the Year for Nassau County. Trained by Dr. Ron Ruden, the developer of Havening, Bill is the 17th person worldwide to become certified. He also had a chapter in the book: 15 Minutes to Freedom, where he was featured. In addition, he is a credentialed alcohol and substance abuse counselor who specializes in relapse prevention strategies.  A former school social worker, Bill is trained in and recognized for performance enhancement, anger resolution therapy, as well as domestic violence and mediation.

According to Bill, why Havening works to improve mental health:

From my perspective, Havening is amongst the premier treatment approaches to resolving trauma. This is noted by its ability to quickly clear out previously stored disturbing material that has been frozen in the amygdala. The Founder of Havening, Dr. Ron Ruden, understood that the human body is an electrochemical organ. He noticed babies who were in distress were able to calm down by the warm soothing touch of their caregiver. After more than 10 years of research, it was found that the administration of touch, which produced delta waves, combined with distraction techniques, resulted in a series of electrochemical reactions in the brain that served to de-potentiate previously stored trauma.  The practice, therefore, provides the client with tremendous release and relief.  Havening is also invaluable for addressing a wide range of issues including the following: anxiety, depression, sleep disturbance, anger management, and relapse prevention. I also have come to regard Havening as one of the most powerful and effective self-emotional regulation techniques. This assessment is due to the fact that it is easily learned and effectively applied. As such, those who are treated are well equipped to best address the challenges of everyday life.

Bill’s Resource Recommendations:



15 Minutes to Freedom – Harry Pickens

When the Past is Always Present: Emotional Traumatization, Causes, and Cures  – Dr. Ron Ruden

The Craving Brain – Dr. Ron Ruden

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