#SameHere Endurance Team

The #SameHere Endurance Team was created to help foster and grow a support community for those working through Mental Health issues and those who support them. As a group of passionate athletes, our mission is to raise awareness and funds while doing what we love the most- participating in endurance race sports and even more. These includes, triathalons, half or full marathons, short or long distance swim or any other activities you are passionate about.  #SameHere Endurance Team Athletes will have the opportunity to represent our cause by wearing team gear during training and Race Day. The site of fellow Endurance Team members can help drive you to your goals.  All proceeds from fund raising and purchases will go directly to (….)  as part of SameHere Global.

#SameHere Endurance Team Athletes

Evan Wolff

Endurance Team Founder

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