You can begin building a mentally healthy routine, by using these “STARR-ting Exercises.” Even for those in a spot where getting up is difficult, you can do these exercises from your bed, until you are back to a place where you feel comfortable going out, and getting more active.

The concept behind these beginner exercises is meant to be simple: from the stress & trauma we experience over our lifetime, stagnant energy gets trapped. It’s trapped in our shoulders, back, spine, butts, etc. By using these exercises to start, we begin to move that stagnant energy around & OUT of our bodies (the “Releasing” part of STARR).  Once you are ready to start learning about more advanced STARR Exercises, you can click here.

Lying Twist

Sitting Spine Twist

Side Stretch

Bridge Pose

Cat & Cow

Forward Fold

Starfish Pose

Windshield Wipers

Reclined Butterfly

Bow Pose

Child's Pose

Happy Baby

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