A self-care app for you to track and monitor your mental health with a proprietary mood meter, as well as "Gym for the Brain" exercises to take more control of your own healing!

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 Just like physical fitness, the brain needs exercises to stay healthy, and this proprietary, science-backed app provides you with self-care tools. The “STARR” Stress and Trauma, Active Release and Rewiring, exercises provided in this app, allow you to customize a roadmap to manage your daily, weekly, and monthly emotional fluctuations.

The #SameHere self-care app benefits any of these 3 groups of people:

  • Those who are searching for a check-in tool to help them measure and monitor their changes in emotional states (and even share with friends and family)
  • Those who would like to learn mental health best practices and integrative exercises
  • Those who understand polyvagal theory and the science behind it 

How do I make sense of brain health and integrative psychiatry?

The nervous system is always shifting. Our mood meter app helps you track those shifts, and measure your emotional states, to better understand how to manage and heal from the stress and trauma we all experience at various times in our lives.

You are easily able to use this “Same Here Scale” App to track trends in your mental health, as well as the events taking place in your life affecting that mental health, sensations you are noticing in your brain/body, and self-care exercises you are doing (or can be doing) to work on your mental health. 

You can also share what you track with others – daily, weekly, monthly, and engage in private, secured chats related to your scale responses.

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We provide a freemium model allowing you one week with in-app purchase options to track and discover your emotional trends.

Best for those who are interested:

.99 for month, no fee if unsubscribed in first week

Best for those who are ready to heal:

9.99 for year, no fee if unsubscribed in first week

Check back each week for new developments!

Benefits Beyond Measuring Mental Wellness

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Benefits throughout onboarding and ongoing app development:

  • Learn a new “common sense” language for your mental health and wellness 
  • Track trends in your emotional states in a linear way
  • Lift your spirits with “gym for the brain” exercises

Mental Health Lives On A “Continuum” or “Scale”

6-point emoji scale - words to communicate our emotional states.

Emojis in 6 colored boxes with smiling face ranges with yellow, green, blue, purple, orange, and red.

The History of Polyvagal Theory and Science

All of us have emotional states of mind that fluctuate – that’s part of what it means to be human! With the “SameHere Scale” (based off of Polyvagal Science of our nervous system, developed by Dr. Stephen Porges in the mid 1990’s), we now all have simpler options to choose from, and a common language to share, when asked the most common question, heard around the world, daily: “How are you?”

#SameHere Scale App Benefits

  • Track trends in your mental health
  • Manage events taking place in your life 
  • Learn trigger sensations in your brain/body
  • Self-care “STARR, Gym for the Brain” exercises to work on your mental health
  • Daily, weekly, monthly engagement in private and group secured chats
  • Stay accountable with your therapies and exercises, and
  • Communicate with your peers

Download Here and Invite Your Friends!

Download Same Here App to Connect to Your Coach

With our physical health, we have scales to see how our weight fluctuates over time, thermometers for temperature changes, and food journals for management. 

It is time to measure our social and emotional health with SameHere’s proprietary healthcare app.  #SameHere’s tools are for your home, school, and/or office.

#SameHere is a global mental health movement providing educational tools to help the community at large learn about the nervous system, the brain-body connection, and what impacts our overall mental health.  The movement teaches “gym for the brain” exercises so that we can begin to take more control of our own healing. 

Daily #SameHere Hero Alliance Stories

It’s so important to have a simple way to track and measure one’s mental wellness and know the steps to take to help keep you (or get you to a place of) thriving, holistically.

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