With our physical health, we have scales to see how our weight fluctuates over time…we have thermometers to gauge how our temperature changes…we take note of the foods we eat and how they impact us. It’s time we had a scale and a way to record our changes and trends, as it pertains to our emotional health. All of us have feelings and emotions that fluctuate- that’s part of what it means to be human! With the #SameHere Scale, we all now have simpler options to choose from when asked the most common question, heard around the world, daily: “How are you?”

You are easily able to use this #SameHere Scale App to track your own feelings, or to share them with others – daily, weekly, monthly, and engage in private, secured chats related to those feelings.

Available in the Apple App Store and Google Play

SameHere Scale

Perfect for recording your own personal feelings, or communicating: friend to friend, parent to child, family to family, doctor to patient, teacher to student, coach to athlete, manager to employee, and so much more.

How To Use the #SameHere Scale App

Record and track, in a linear way, your feelings over time:

Invite contacts to engage in secure chats about your feelings, with each other:

View your own feelings, as well as the feelings of your contacts, in a graphical layout, to track trends in feelings over time:

Make notes about each feeling recorded, so that you can recognize what events and/or actions are impacting you or your contacts, and how:

Download Here and Invite Your Contacts!

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