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What Is We’re All A Little “Crazy”?

The We’re All A Little Crazy (WAALC) Global Mental Health Alliance (501c3) and the #SameHere Movement were founded by Eric Kussin, a former Sports Industry executive, who has leveraged his powerful professional network to assemble an all-star roster of high-achieving celebrity spokespersons who are open and honest about their own mental health battles.  Athletes, Musicians, Artists and Media Talent share their own stories of struggle in order to encourage community members to join them in solidarity against silence and stigma. Together, through their platforms and presence, they alter attitudes about mental wellbeing during their visits, thereby creating a safe space for sharing that is long-lasting.

Eric’s Story

In the midst of a successful 15-year career in Sports Management culminating in leadership roles with several major sport franchises, Eric’s mental health took an unexpected turn for the worse.  In retrospect, the cumulative toll of various traumatic events throughout his life contributed to severe post-traumatic stress (PTSD) accompanied by anxiety and depression. Given Eric’s lack of awareness of the intense impact these experiences had on his mind and body, this setback seemed to “come out of nowhere.” Worse yet, it left him largely bedridden and otherwise impaired for over two and a half years as he searched for effective care.

Once Eric managed to fully recover his health, he made a commitment to fundamentally altering the nature of our society’s conversation about mental health through public advocacy.  The subsequent outpouring of support and solidarity from friends and on social media after he shared his personal story in the Fall of 2017 is what ultimately gave birth to WAALC.

The “Same Here” Movement’s Message

We believe that every human being is affected by life’s inevitable traumas and losses. We cannot escape their impact, as they are an essential part of the human experience.  Rather than condemning ourselves to isolation because of our perceived flaws, we can help emancipate one another through mutual healing and acceptance.  Therefore, it serves us to be open and accepting of those who need our help, because we’re all members of one big community. We are all fighting not just to survive in this “crazy” world, but to thrive.  The #SameHere Movement is derived from an American Sign Language symbol, that communicates, in a universal language, that we all share in life’s inevitable challenges.

The WAALC Celebrity Alliance

While our Alliance Members are recognized by their stellar achievements, their “no holds barred” stories are impactful because they reveal their own vulnerabilities.  Their stories are microcosms of what everyday members of society face – our celebrity role models are not immune just because they have achieved great outwardly visible success.  On the contrary, they illustrate the “#SameHere” message in compelling fashion. These public role models help us recognize that our struggles fuel our strengths.  


What Is a “#SameHere Sit-Down”?

Each event features opportunities for candid and revealing conversations with highly accomplished athletes, musicians, artists and members of the news media.  Audience members hear firsthand from Celebrity Alliance members selected specifically for each event, as well as our Founder, about the mental and emotional challenges they have encountered in their pursuit of excellence, along with a range of coping strategies they have developed in response. This openness is delivered through individual conversations, panel discussion, and open dialogue between audience members and members of the Alliance.  The result is a shift in culture that creates a “safe environment” in school or on campus where it is readily apparent that everyone faces life challenges, and asking for help, getting that help, and finding success is not only possible, but seen as a sign of strength. 


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General Company Information

Life Time Family Solutions, LLC, is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization, D/B/A: We’re All A Little “Crazy” The Global Mental Health Alliance (R). 

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