#SameHere Schools To Visit 10 K-12 Schools Thanks to the NFLPA


Thanks to a generous grant from the NFLPA, we will be bringing our #SameHere Schools mental health programming to ten (10) K-12 schools this Fall! This program brings together mental health speakers/ professionals and retired NFL players* with lived experiences, to offer invaluable mental health curriculum to your school in the form of assemblies/presentations and one-of-a-kind SEL resources.

DEADLINE to apply: Friday, September 3rd, 11:59pm EST

Click here to apply!

From elementary to high school, the #SameHere Schools program helps individual schools teach an umbrella message about mental health and wellness that puts everyone in the community on the same page. By strategically weaving positive mental health concepts into the culture of an entire school community, #SameHere helps create a safe space for students and teachers, alike, to: 

1. Support the social and emotional development of students as well as their sense of connection to teachers, staff and peers;

2. Create a cultural shift within schools and provide a safe atmosphere for students to express themselves openly and communicate when they are dealing with emotional or mental health challenges; 

3. Make it acceptable for students to ask for help and for teachers/administrators to recognize when help is needed; 

4. Encourage students to proactively address their mental health, before problems may arise, through exercises and tools.

The #SameHere Schools / NFLPA Project will include the following four components, either in-person or virtually as chosen by the selected K-12 schools (if selected, you may choose to host one/some of these programs within a two day window, at one or multiple schools in your district):

1. Launch AssemblyThe Launch Assembly is used to introduce the concept of #SameHere (how everyone on this planet faces life challenges and how mental health is applicable to all of us). We bring the entire school community together and use vulnerable story-sharing, combined with tools and resources, to lay a solid foundation where everyone in the school feels a part of the same team.

2. L.I.F.E. SAVER Suicide Prevention Tool: The L.I.F.E. SAVER tool proactively teaches students a simple, step-by-step plan to follow if suicidal thoughts or error messages ever arise, in order to find safety. The video tools feature (in part) mental health advocate, Hayden Hurst, from the Atlanta Falcons.

3. #SameHere Hear Us Out Presentation: The #SameHere Hear Us Out presentation helps students begin to understand other’s perspectives, especially the unique mental health challenges of underrepresented groups related to current event topics.

4. SameHere Student and Teacher apps: The SameHere Student and Teacher apps are an interactive version of the #SameHere Scale to facilitate and enhance vital mental health conversations in schools by asking students to privately share their feelings with their designated teacher or school professional, on a daily basis. The apps are designed to help students open up, foster communication and track response trends. 

If you are interested in applying to be one of the 10 lucky K-12 schools selected for the #SameHere Schools / NFLPA Program this fall, please complete the application above, before Friday, September 3rd, at 11:59 PM EST.

As the Atlanta Falcons Hayden Hurst is a member of the #SameHere Alliance, and his non-profit, The Hayden Hurst Family Foundation is a partner of #SameHere Global, we are guaranteeing that at least one of the schools selected to participate in this program will come from the Atlanta metropolitan area. Good luck to all those schools that apply!

*Availability of retired NFL players is contingent upon the dates selected for programming by the schools chosen, and how they line up with the players’ schedules. At a minimum, there will be video addresses from players for each program but we will make best efforts to accommodate in person appearances.

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