Mental Health Lives On A “Continuum” or “Scale”

The Practitioners and Members of this Global Alliance believe that mental health lives on a “continuum,” or in simpler words, a “scale” that stretches from “Thriving” to “Sinking.” It’s a fluid scale that everyone in the world lives and moves on, at different points in their lives (or even their days, weeks, months, etc.). Challenges that contribute to where one is at on the scale are a result of factors such as: Genetic Predispositions, Life Experiences, Physical Traumas, Environment, and Lifestyle. There are some of us with a greater genetic susceptibility to a disorder(s). That being said, it appears as though regardless of our genetics, the challenges that we will all face throughout our lives, as well as how we treat ourselves, make it so that we are all at risk of slipping into the: “Surviving” and even “Struggling” or “Sinking” portion of the scale. The key is to understand that any of the above factors can disrupt our neurobiological connections, impacting our position within the continuum scale, and that we must know what feelings and symptoms to look out for throughout our lives – and even be proactive so that we can optimize our mental fitness, and have less of a chance for us to develop mental health declines.

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