Share Your Pics

#SameHere Global Community Pictures

What an amazing visual it would be, to see people from all over the world – all different races, religions, hometowns, ages, etc., sharing their own #SameHere Picture with this global community. We encourage you to send the best and most creative #SameHere Pictures you can: in front of famous landmarks, with groups of friends, on vacation, with your favorite town employee, with a celebrity or even a server at your favorite restaurant.  Still working on the strength to leave the house? We’d love to have your best selife in your PJ’s on the couch, as you’re still “one of us” as you’re battling.  Once we have enough submissions we will launch a #SameHere🤙Collage Map on this site, with pictures of YOU all over the globe.  Thank you for being great teammates!

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