#SameHere Influencers

Profile: Stephanie Garcia

2011 & 2015 U.S. World Championship Teams, Team New Balance, PRs: Steeplechase 9:19.48, Mile 4:24.68, 1500: 4:04.63, 5K: 15:16
Instagram: @steph_steeples
Twitter: @steph_steeples

Why was it important for you specifically to get involved in The Global Mental Health Movement?

My passion for participating in mental health initiatives comes from supporting members of my immediate family in their individual struggles with mental health issues and recognizing that my own anxiety is not a personality trait to hide behind (being “high-strung” or “Type A”) but instead a facet of the mental health spectrum that can be addressed through a full 360 degree healthy lifestyle. No one, no matter their accomplishments or status or appearance, is immune from stress, anxiety, or unhappiness– I feel called to use my platform to be real and raw about my story in the hopes of encouraging and empowering others to live their fullest, most authentic life and not feeling shame around any mental health struggles they might be experiencing.

What do you hope The Movement will accomplish?

Let’s break down the stigma that comes with the words “mental health” by authentically sharing our #SameHere stories. The concept of #SameHere allows us to break down barriers that may prevent someone from seeking help and propels us to build an open, loving society that provides a spectrum of support for the variety of struggles we all share. Our #SameHere movement is all about support, not shame!!

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