#SameHere Influencers

Profile: Matthew Cerrone

Creator, Lead Writer of SNYTV’s Mets Blog
Twitter: @matthewcerrone
Instagram: @matthewcerrone

Why was it important for you specifically to get involved in The Global Mental Health Movement?

Talk therapy has played an enormous role in helping me grow and become a more self-aware and comfortable in my skin and mind. The thing is, while the direction and advice from my therapist has been important, I find the biggest benefit is simply talking and saying things out loud. Because, by putting my thoughts and fears out into the world, it somehow makes it feel more real, tangible, and able to be managed. So, for me, getting involved helps me, personally. But, more important, explaining things in this way, talking about my experience and talking with others about their experience, I find helps normalize the process for someone listening or reading and, in turn, gets them on a path toward self-actualizing and getting their arms around how they’re feeling, thinking and acting…

What do you hope The Movement will accomplish?

In this day and age, it seems to me everyone has some form of emotional or mental hurdle they’re trying to tackle. In some cases, it’s clinical and requires medication. In others, it may not. But, in either case, the more people understand that – regardless of why it is happening, being circumstantial, chemical or both – everyone has baggage, crazy thoughts, concerns, and stresses. And, the more important unifying factor is that, for the most part, we all struggle to deal with it at times. In some cases, it is more extreme. In some cases it fleeting. But, it’s there and, as humans, we share in that experience. And, the more we talk about in simple, relatable terms, with simple, relatable solutions, the less stigmatized it will be and the more people will likely to help themselves be who they want to do.

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